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Learn photographic technique and build your portfolio on one-to-one tutorial days. 


My 1-2-1 tutorial days are tailored to fit your level of experience, interests and needs. We can cover a particular style, or many styles and themes and create images which you are proud of as well as building your knowledge and experience. Tutorial days cover theoretical elements, but work in a very practical way, so you go away having used all of the knowledge you have learned to create beautiful pictures. 


These can be a half day or full day (or less if you want to work on a single set up or idea). 

Half day tutorial day: £160 

Full day tutorial day: £280 

Just post processing: £20ph 

Please note: if working inside a studio must be booked and paid for. Travel costs may apply if travelling outside of Manchester. 


Subjects which can be covered include:


* Angles, cropping and composition.

* Working with your model. Posing, etiquette, etc. 

* Focal lengths and how these influence your image. 

* Using lighting and set up

* Lighting techniques and set-ups for portrait and beauty, art nude, glamour, lingerie and pin-up, etc. Using different modifiers. 

* Balancing continuous/ flash and using natural light.

* Post processing advice. 

*Implied nude, glamour, fashion nude, lingerie, portrait/beauty and fashion lighting styles.

And any other queries you may have!


Please get in touch if this interests you, and I will try and tailor the tutorial days to your needs.


Read what others have said about my tutorial days: 


"I booked Lizzie for 1:1 mentoring a few months back and finally the day arrived.


I was very nervous before meeting Lizzie, on account of her amazing portfolio and my limited experience with models. The nerves went as soon as we started talking. We discussed some of the images I showed her on my tablet and settled on a few to try out.


Her explanations of the lighting setups were really useful and she's given me plenty to take away and experiment with in that respect.

She is a posing machine, constantly flowing from pose to pose. Occasionally stopping to check how things were looking and giving feedback/guidance.


I have only two regrets. (1) I wish I'd been able to see her sooner! (2) I left my 50 prime at home! 

Lizzie is an amazing model, with lots to offer. Her home is almost as stunning and provides a wealth of different shooting options.


I will most definitely be seeing her again, and next time I'll also have my 50!

Thanks ever so much for the advice Lizzie, thoroughly enjoyed my time there today and I can't wait until the next time!

For the other model newbies out there, if you're serious about photography, I can't recommend Lizzie enough.''


Stephen Hawkins



''Tutorial Day today with Lizzie. This is a full on blast of information, techniques & ideas from an expert model, photographer and Ps Wiz.


I turned up with a whole long list of problems to resolve including lighting difficult sets (sometimes without lights), softening images in camera before using Ps, getting models to pose and then shooting high quality tasteful boudoir. Understanding light balance when some natural light is available & then again when not to use it. Image processing techniques for skin & hair ............. the list went on & on.


All issues now resolved! Lizzie's beautiful, old slightly eccentric home lends itself perfectly to easy & very difficult sets and were all tackled effortlessly by Lizzie.


Take spare camera battery & memory card, you will be shooting all day because this is not a theory day by any means & of of course you will get a huge number of beautiful images of Lizzie that not many of us have had a chance to take.


The day was also a laugh from start to finish!


Please feel free to PM me if you want to talk about shooting and learning with Lizzie."