Terms and conditions


Ninety nine point nine percent of my shoots go without a hitch, are friendly, fun events, and most photographers come back for more. But for the sake of the tiny minority who are disorganised, or mess me about, it is necessary to set some terms and conditions. Anyone booking a shoot with me will be deemed to have read these.



1.      When a shoot is arranged, photographers are invited to specify their requirements regarding hair/make-up/wardrobe. If no specification is sent, then I will prepare for the shoot, using my own discretion and, should the photographer request different styling on arrival, it will be done during the paid shoot time.


2.      I will always give photographers full hospitality when they visit my home studio and treat them with respect, courtesy, and professionalism. I expect the same in return, and reserve the right to cancel a shoot immediately if a photographer's attitude or conduct gives me cause for concern. This includes, for example, photographers who push levels, or who behave inappropriately. In such circumstances, the fee is NOT refundable. 


3.      Photographers are invited to arrive for shoots no more than ten minutes before the agreed start time, to allow for setting up, and to spend a further maximum fifteen minutes after the shoot time in packing away. Longer lead-in and clearing-up times will be chargeable.


4.      Payment should be made by bank transfer BEFORE the shoot.


5.      Shoots cancelled with less than seven days’ notice will incur a 100% cancellation fee, except in those cases where there are strong mitigating reasons for the cancellation, e.g. illness or death of a family member. Sudden lack of funds is not an acceptable mitigation. – It is up to the photographer to have set aside funds when booking the shoot. Please note that I would much rather rearrange a shoot than ask for a cancellation fee. For shoots which are part of a tour, the 100% cancellation fee is chargeable when shoot is cancelled within THREE weeks of the start of the tour. This is because I will have already paid for the hire of the premises, and turned away other applicants for the timeslot being cancelled.


6.    There is no charge for use of my home studio when working with me solo, and whilst every effort will be made to make all facilities and equipment available, I cannot be held responsible for breakdowns or malfunctions. Alternatives will always be provided wherever possible.

7. Photographers attend the shoot at their own risk and have responsibility to safeguard their own safety and wellbeing, as well as their equipment and belongings.