Model safeguarding code of conduct








 1. Always prioritise the safety and wellbeing of the models.

 2.  Always act within professional boundaries - if it would be inappropriate to act or speak in that way in an office environment then don’t do it on the shoot. 

 3. Remember models are humans first, and contributors or participants second. 

 4. Always ask if you wish to take behind the scenes photos or videos, particularly if on a group event where the model isn’t aware of everything that is going on and hasn’t consented. 

 5. Check regularly that your model is comfortable both physically and emotionally with what is happening. 

 6. Treat your model with respect and consideration, taking into consideration their views and suggestions. 

 7. Give models privacy when changing. 

 8. Treat models fairly and without prejudice or discrimination. 

 9. Give models adequate time for breaks for food and toilet breaks. 

 10. When working with multiple people, if you observe behaviour which is of concern such as inappropriately sexual behaviour / language, unsafe behaviour or discriminatory language then it is your duty to intervene where necessary or if on a group event to report it to your event organiser or studio manager.